Sunday, April 26, 2015

What Heterosexuals and Homosexuals Have In Common

In most conservative churches today, homosexuals are typically viewed with a certain abhorrence. This article(published by Ligonier) gives an insiders view of a lesbian coming into Christianity. Before and after you read it, I would like you to ask the following questions to yourself; and if you will, share your thoughts in the comments.

1. Is homosexual lust any worse a sin than heterosexual lust?

2. Is a homosexual in sin for merely being attracted to the same sex; or is it giving in?

What do heterosexuals and homosexuals(in general) have in common? 

1. Both are sinners in need of salvation.

What do Christian homosexuals and heterosexuals have in common?

1. Both struggle with lust and are trying to overcome it.

2. God died for both

3. God loves both.

4. God cares for both.

5. God is trying to help both of them overcome their sin, sexual or otherwise.

6. Both are in the process of continual sanctification.

Have anything to add? Please share!


  1. My personal opinion is that lust is lust, whether homosexual or heterosexual. The Bible never differentiates between them.

    And no, having a homosexual drive is not a sin. Giving into it to commit what the Bible calls sin is sin, not merely the temptation to. Temptation is not a sin.

    1. I have the same opinion on the matter. :)

    2. I never said so cause all I was thinking about was answering your questions, but good post! Those are some helpful thoughts that we should think about more often in the church in regard to this issue.

    3. Ya, I think that homosexuals need to really be reached out to more often, but I think that the attitudes of many Christians drives them away.

  2. Great post! I think if more people really dig deep into scripture and the questions above before rushing to condemn or assent, we'd have more loving and less judgemental discussions around this topic... and it'd allow God to ultimately work on hearts His way :)

  3. I would add that , while your point is well made, the reprobate nature of sodomite behavior does add a slightly different angle. According to the Ezek 16:49, the sin of Sodom wasn't that men were lying with men, the sin of Sodom was pride, idleness and fullness of bread. Those conditions apparently eventually lead to the unchecked appetites of the flesh that manifests itself in some people as perverse behavior. The pride-based nature of this particular sin also lends itself to boasting, which is one of the reasons I believe that homosexuals have parades and heterosexuals don't.
    So , yes, heterosexual fornication is as wicked as homosexuality, but one is a bit further down the trail than the other. The solution in either case is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  4. I think you've got a lot of good points! Homosexuality definitely isn't a worse sin than anything else, but it is kind of a tricky thing to talk about and deal with well because it's a lifestyle and is something that holds a large part of peoples' identities. This post points out how Christians could be doing a much better job at emphasizing the fact that God's the good one, not us.