Tuesday, April 29, 2014

God Is Love But Love Is Not God-The Danger Of Human Thought

This right here is an awesome example of the danger of human thought.  People often think "well God could not possibly do that; its wrong" or "babies are completely innocent". -completely ignoring the fact that the Bible says we are BORN sinners. But this error of human thought has spread like a disease throughout our brains.  I hate to think of how this has affected me.  The fact that God loves us despite our imperfections is quite amazing. But I urge you, brothers in sister to remember sola scriptura(scripture alone).

We must, I repeat, MUST have scripture be our ultimate authority. Not the world, not our friends, not even us. Ours and our culture's ideals and values must not dominate Gods. 

There is something else I would like to add and that is the big mistake in the all-to-common bumper sticker "Jesus is my co-pilot". He should not be our co-pilot; but our pilot. WE should be the co-pilot.

And also,  please comment; its what keeps me going! Why write to produce good, if no one will read it and therefore it will not produce good?

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